• Връзката с Вас е много трудна по начина,който ползвате! Направете Е-поща,моля. Отговорите на поставените от нас въпроси никога не са навреме и много рядко се получават.

    Your relationship is very difficult in the way you use it! Make E-mail, please. The answers to the questions we ask are never timely and very rarely happen.

  • Me either and I do not think they want it too and the Admins. have their hands tied because they must not have the real Admin. right to do anything too!!!! So, why be one. I have a Security, Network Administration degree and can do better then this, LOL>>>>>!!!!

  • That e-mail bro you saw on there support page and you just copied it but have you even tried to send a message to the support e-mail before just copying it; probably not, because they never check it and they never send anything back and when I did it, the e-mail support account sent a message back that "this e-mail was undeliverable", so what does that tell you bro!!!

  • All I know is that I've emailed several times to that address about not being able to get a confirmation link for my email, and I never get it. One time I changed my confirmation email to another account (a account) and I did get a confirmation email. But that didn't work, because the actual account is under another email.

    So the real email address that the account is tied to doesn't get the confirmation. I contacted support (via that support email address) about it and gave multiple addresses they could respond to about the issue. I've heard nothing on any of those addresses.

    So the conclusion is clearly support isn't contacting people about certain issues if in fact they are contacting anyone at all. Regardless of email issues a post in the forum from support could clear up a lot of confusion. As it stands now, we are just left frustrated and alone in the dark.

  • Hello,

    The support contact e-mail is fine and working. In case of questions please write us on

    All requests are being handled within 48-72h working hours.
    @Xibor, please keep in mind we are only able to respond to addresses, from which original requests are being sent from. We cannot give answers to random mails players are giving us in the message body.

    Also, the issue with no received confirmation links is known to us, but we have no influence on it. In such situation we advise to write the Support with a request to change an e-mail to a different hoster ie.

    Your Support Team :)

  • I have used a different address and I have requested from the same email as the game is registered to.
    I will try again. As a last resort I will change my official email.

    Thank you


  • I have sent a message to the support through my e-mail address that I register with the game and have not used any other in MONTHS. I also sent a message on you register page asking to send instruction to my specific e-mail address when it says to reset password and your register page says in GREEN that a message of instructions to reset password has been sent, but when I look in my personal e-mail address in every possible corner (spam and all), there is NOOOOOO instructions to reset password and it has been over a WEEK and I sent this message numerous times. I want to go back into the same server, same game, same account with my 3 cities and Tribe, because, I was a high ranking player in my Tribe and had a very good relationship and did not want to change.

    If I am allowed to get back into the game and I am made to go to another Tribe and start all over; I am going to QUIT this game and do all I can to make COMPLAINTS to who ever I need too. I know you can do this with Administration rights in your server, because, I have 2 Degrees in Computer Sciences and know you can!!!!