negative flow

  • I only play this game for one moand , play it every day, love it but...
    There is one negative flow happening : guys who have three times more pionts than others or attacking and stalking very small players every day.
    Are abusing this game, yes its a war-game i agree , is this how has to go big attacks small every day is that your idea off war, strange !!!!
    Many players stop playing because theres no fun in that, you struggle every day so a very big player destroys you on the end of the day. Where is the fun in that?????

  • There are some protection mechanisms in place (not any player can attack any other player) but unfortunately sometimes it happens that someone stronger will attack. We recommend spending your resources and sending all your units aways on a long trip before leaving your computer, so that potential aggressors won't find anything in your city in your absence.