Tzolkin wheel

  • This weel need an upgrade, first you need all Amber stones for make new village, there is no reason to play on wheel, even if when you start play the resourses you can have give you a benefit.
    And when you finaly got all 10 citys, well. Who need 2000 stones/obsidian/cacao???

    Update, make win relative tou your score in some way, at least when it is army/resources you get, those % thing you can have is ok, but 30 spy, when you have score of 50 mil or more?
    It take me less then a min to make 50 spy, and who need holcan att that level? No one.

    Look in to it, and see if you can find a solution for upgrade of the wheel to make it playable at the time you actually can spend amber on it please.