• Hello.

    I am still suck.
    I asked for help, an email came with said help.
    However I am still stuck. No arrows appear on the map however many times I try.
    Until this quest is done I cannot move on.
    Does anyone have any more ideas please? :/

  • What is the quest you are trying to finish? If, for instance, it is to attack a barbarian, it doesn't matter which one you attack. The arrows just show one that is close to you, but it doesn't have to be that one. Just make sure it is a level 1.

  • on the city map you can zoom in and zoom out with youre mousewheel, on the world map you can place youre mouse on the city map and press the left button and move around in the direction you wanna go.

    if that isnt the anwer to youre question can you please give some more information than i or someone else can help you further

  • If the quest you are at is the one where you have to attack a barbarian, note that if you don't see the arrow you can simply refresh the page (press F5) and the arrow will reappear. Otherwise if you still have issues we'll need to know more to help you :)