Attack and spy reports

  • Hi Team,

    Is there any way to forward the attack or spy reports I receive to some player? If there is no such tool then i think this is an area which can be developed since report sharing till now means copy pasting the report which looks clumsy and odd.
    Let me know your opinions on this.

    Thanks and Regards,

  • You can use this tool. Reports can be uploaded here and are then available to all players who know the link. Particularly suitable for trunks.

    Integrate the tool into your browser. Then use the link in the report to upload it. The report will then appear on the page and you can copy and share the link.

  • I looked into adding this extension, but it has a warning on Firefox:


    Some add-ons ask for permission to perform certain functions. Since you’re in control of your Firefox, the choice to grant or deny these requests is yours.
    Please note this add-on uses legacy technology, which gives it access to all browser functions and data without requesting your permission."

    Since I am not about to hand over all my data for unknown uses, I don't consider this safe.

    In any case, you should not have to go to an outside program for basic functionality within the game.

  • This should be because this add-on is older. As long as you download it from the official Mozilla website, it is probably safe. Alternatively, contact the developer on the Gamehelper website.

    I can not imagine that more data will be collected and utilized than the reports. It's just an interface that delivers the data from the game to the web page. The data are then stored in the database at Gamehelper, in order to be able to display them on the page. You can see the data by loading an espionage report into the simulator. Enter your data and export the result. The result is a textdatai with the data and some commands and brackets around it. This can also be handled with skill yourself and re-import into the simulator.

  • They are used for years by players here without any issue...

    But yes they use legacy (old) technologies...
    And yes when you press the icon they read the content of the page (active game page) and send it to their site... to create the rapport.

    And the most beautiful all of this free of charge... just some Tentlan fan good work (IMHO)

  • That warning was on Firefox when I checked out the add-on a few days ago.

    Read the warning carefully. "Access to all browser functions and data without requesting your permission." Maybe they would do more than you suggest and maybe they wouldn't, but to me it isn't worth the risk with the amount of cyber-crime out there.

  • That's true. But it is a little too short. Criminals are often the ones who earn money with something like that. If they are still abroad, then it is almost a guarantee. Here the two things do not happen. It is free and the operator of the site is reported in Germany with complete imprint.

    The browser builder is somewhat over-anxious in the relationship. This is not wrong. The limits to abuse are fluid. The message is just made attentively and can itself after examine and deliberate. That is the real meaning.

    Such tools are also dangerous if the user does not maintain her computer. He then becomes a playground for crooks and then nothing is certain. Outdated software can be a risk. The crooks like to break into a system.

    Well-kept safe computers with good backup system also keep times out software, which was not released yesterday, but its purpose nevertheless reliably fulfilled. This is also given here.

    Let's see how big the mosquito can still be. It has probably just overpowered the elephant's stage and continues to grow. :evil: