continuals daily attacks

  • in the last 2 days, first I was wiped by a combined army of 3 players, will take 10 days to heal my troops, then attacked and wiped again before many troops were healed, X( don't this game have a protection period, cant contact support their email isn't setup properly :cursing: anyone have any advice?

  • My first thought is that you need to learn to walk your troops and resources so that you dont get wiped out. There is an FAQ section here on the forums that has a thread about defense and protection. You might want to give that a read so that you will be able to avoid attacks in the first place. I really dont know what support can do for you in this situation. In the FAQ section there is also an answer about a "protection period" for attacks. Hopefully, the FAQ section of these forums will help your situation from happening again. Give them a read.