• At this point I'm being attacked by 3 ally's. +-300 members against one..... I only had a problem with the number 1 ally. Because I din't play the way the liked. So we split. At this point I think it is fair to quit with attacking me. I have been attacked multipli times a day for quite a long time know. And if I want to join an ally the new ally will kick me under preserure of one of the 3 big ally's (I don't know whitch one but I think it's the number one ally).

    At this point I'm on a point I can't keep my rescources save (they din't pillage a lot). So know I need to chose how I'm goint go play. So I asked you to stop. Your big members are attacking me. What I can do is build up an army every day and attack low members of their ally. I don't really like that way to play because you attack the week players. But there are doing the same with me at this point...... So my quistion can we stop? I like to hear an reaction of the three big alliance! For small players it isn't fun to be attacked and we will lose players that way...... That's not my intention.

    So I would like to join an alliance again / at least not beeing attacked anymore. Let me know!

    I asked Kruger this first (because we din't agree with eachother and we started this). This was his reaction......... Let me know what the alliance think and if the want to stop or not (otherwise it's sad but I will start making armys to attacked your smallest members beacause Kurgar is doing the same with me.... I don't want that but he doesn't want to stop it seams.....)

    For anyone who don't know this, each attack will lose you one level of your wall (if you lose). So don't build them up to hig, If an alliance attacks you than you will lose a lot of levels / points quiqly.

    30/06/2015 19:31, Kurgar wrote:
    You wanted to be free to do your own thing and we gave you what you wanted. Attacking you costs me nothing.

    30/06/2015 18:26, Mad-Dog wrote:
    Hey Kurgar,

    What are we going to do? Now it's 3 ally's against 1 player (beacause I left your tribe and don't like your playstile). I'm attacked daily :p the record is 4 times in one day. There is a point coming that I can't build a lot more (now there is not a lot to steal). So can you stop attacking me / your ally? Thats more fun for me.

    If not... I can only use my rescources to build an army every day (that you will destroy every day) that will cost us both a lot. The alternative is that I will build an army and attack only your smallest members (just to destory theri wall and army and steal stuff to dump it with an inactive player). So that my revange is to hit your ally constantly (thats not really what I want).

    Let me know!


  • Mad-Dog. You chose the path you are walking. You went against the rules of our tribe on the same day you started. You where given the option to stop and you chose to continue. Now you see the error of your ways. And see how much pvp can hurt ( pvp was what caused all this in the first place) You now throw us a choice. stop or you will attack out weakest members. lol. Doesn't leave much room for empathy in my books. In Games or life. we have to make decisions / choices. you made your choice. you now have to live with the consequences . Tenoc are not Bullies and we will sit at any negotiating table. But to come here looking for respite with threats of attacks on our members. That wont get you far.

  • I din't attack your small members, I'm not wanting that. But I asked krugar to stop....... That din't worked out yet........ I don't mind beeing attacked one ore twice, but everey day with 3 alliance isn't fair either. So I asked you if you want to stop and let me join an alliance (last alliance I joined I was kicked out).

  • These are your quotes Threatening our members unless we stop. you are saying its unfair that we attack you. You where kicked from our Tribe because you wanted to attack new players and bully them. You have to reap what you sow Mad-Dog.

  • You took revange, and I din't attack small players I attacked players with more points than me. Wel if I just ask you to stop you won't do it i'm afraid. But if you want the topic changes with only that question let me know because I meant It as a question.

  • No this is your topic you can name it as you please. And your question came with a threat. Read your question. " if you don't get peace , you will have to attack our smaller members " blah blah blah . As you So venomously shouted when we kicked you for farming new players. " This is a war game " We are at war with you. If you want peace. There are far better ways of getting it without threatening a tribe you have no chance to defend from. Think about it mad Dog. My mail box is always open. I have received no mails from you regarding a cease fire or peace. Nope you are looking for a soap box to cry victim. Sorry Mad_Dog. but there is no sympathy for your predicament from me. You put yourself here. Remember my mail box is always open to you.

  • As you So venomously shouted when we kicked you for farming new players.

    I want to correct this. I din't said that and I attacked a lot of big players as well with the same points (or more points). Nearly never small players!

    It wans't meant as a theath (there are not really any more options for me then build an army and attack but I can't build a big army because I'm attacked every day, so that why there was a question to quit). I told that an war with 3 alliance against 1 isn't fair. I never said I'm the victim, I like to explore the war part of the game. So I've been under attacked a lot. There wasn't a lot to be pillaged and I'm still around the same position in the high score and still growing. Now I'm at a point I can't really grow with 2-3 attackes a day. So thats what I was trying to tell, I can't do anyting more and prefer to quit. But I will send you a message.

  • I want to correct this. I din't said that and I attacked a lot of big players as well with the same points (or more points). Nearly never small players!

    You dont remember having it in your Tribe description That the top 3 tribes are allied and this will make the game crap. You dont remember being in general chat and shouting how the game will die because to many tribes are peaceful. " THIS IS A WAR GAME " thats what you shouted .

  • Mad-Dog,

    (1) As one of Chi's Ambassador's, I removed you from Chi. You were invited by a new recruiter who wasn't aware of your previous actions. Because of those actions, Chi decided we didn't want you in our tribe - basically, we didn't feel we could trust you not to cause problems between Chi and our Allies (or within Chi for that matter) and we didn't like your attitude to rules and authority.

    (2) I can assure that I was under no pressure whatsoever from any other tribe to remove you from Chi.

    (3) I recall your comments in 'chat' some days ago when you clearly said that you did not follow rules and that was why you'd refused to follow the rules of your previous tribe, i.e. that you must not attack a member of Chi, Tenoc or Toc. I also recall asking you if you had a job, to which you said you did. I asked how you coped with rules at work and your response was that nobody told you what to do, rather they discussed it with you. I find that rather hard to believe, although in your own head you perhaps believe it.

    (4) There is no rule within the Alliance that prevents members spying on or attacking you. It is unfortunate for you that you are now having difficulty with the very actions you insisted on carrying out yourself.

    (5) As has been pointed out to you by other players, the way you are trying to resolve your problem is not productive. I do hope that you will learn from what has happened.


  • You dont remember having it in your Tribe description That the top 3 tribes are allied and this will make the game crap. You dont remember being in general chat and shouting how the game will die because to many tribes are peaceful. " THIS IS A WAR GAME " thats what you shouted .

    Uhm yes I would like an tribe to be more focues on war. And there is no change for a new alliance to do that with the 3 big ally's in one alliance. I don't agree with that. But I never said I will attack small players, thats not my style. And indeed there are a lot of war aspects, now there is no war alliance.

    @Zexa, thaks for clearing up why I was kicked out.... Din't know this and asumed it was because of a player had promised he would have kicked me out everywere. So I can join another alliance. Thanks! So will your alliance stop with attacking? I don't know what els I need to do / ask, please let me know.

    @Hoggel, send you a message ingame.

  • Mad-Dog,

    As I said in my first post, there are no rules preventing any Alliance members from spying on or attacking you. As such, I cannot say whether such actions will or will not continue.

    I guess the options open to you now are:
    (1) remain playing solo but try to come to some mutual agreement with the three main tribes in the Alliance. I know how I'd go about doing that but it's something you need to figure out for yourself;
    (2) join one of the tribes in the Alliance. Again, I know how I'd go about this but it's down to you now. Having said that, I cannot confirm whether any of the three main tribes would be prepared to have you join them. Certainly based on your actions/behaviour to date, Chi would not be willing to do so.

    Perhaps, given the way you like to play, maybe there are other games that would suit you better?


  • My recollection of what started this issue is that I was contacted by a player of a tribe who is allied to our tribe, saying that they had been raided by mad-dog 2 days in a row. At the time mad-dog was in our tribe. I immediately sent the player who had been attacked roughly double the res/troops that they had lost as compensation.

    Mad-dog was then contacted and asked to say sorry for the misunderstanding. I didn't ask him for the resources that I had sent, although sending them to me would have been a good thing to do. We explained that while we were looking forward to a combat phase of the game later, it is not (in our opinion) in anyone's interests at this time and this stage of beta game development.

    His response was to tell me he would attack who he liked and then to send spies against my city (while still in our tribe). As a result he was booted from our tribe and we advised allied tribes of our experience with him. As ordered by my tribe I attacked his city, killed all the troops he had at that time and have scouted him at least once a day since that. I will continue to do that and kill any troops I find there until/unless my orders are changed.

    That mad-dog is how tribes and alliances work.

  • You reached out to Krymac asking us to take you in and I do feel sorry for you but as I told Kry I wouldnt take you in to save you as we respect hoggel and the others and we do not want to create bad blood between the three tribes. I set up the alliance of the three tribes with the respected leaders. If you can earn the forgiveness of those you upset then people would accept you.

    But coming here looking for a divine intervention from the developers or pity from other players. That is not the way to go about it as Hoggel said message him ask for forgiveness dont ask for help defend yourself from them, not with an army but with peace and consider yourself luck as if conquering cities was available you would have nothing.

    Dont sneak around the three tribes looking for a saviour only you can save yourself and that starts with a simple sorry.