Disabling Hints

  • Hi,

    Does anyone know how to disable hints please?

    If there is no such facility, could we please consider having one.

    Cheers, Zexa (Chi)

  • Do you mean the light blue boxes at the bottom right of the screen?

    If so, there isn't a way to disable them that I'm aware of, one of the devs may know of a way if there is one.

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  • Hi Furry,

    Yes, I meant those - waiting to hear from a developer :)

    Zexa :)

  • Moving to "Help & Questions". Furry is correct, it's currently not possible to disable them. Do note though that these have "memory", so as long as you play with the same browser usually you won't see the same tip repeated more than once a day.

  • I'm finding these 'hints' rather frustrating - especially the ones reminding you about the quetzal feather which enables you to collect your produce in one click and the blessing for extending your building queue. These appear every time I try to add another building upgrade and every time I collect my produce :(

  • i'm getting 2-3 blue boxes ... hints everytime i change cities, collect res. and seeing as the last post on the topic was july i thought i'd mention it again. i haven;'t changed browsers, but i still get them eVERY time i do something . they have become very repetitive and VERY annoying

  • these hints are DRIVING me NUTS.... can you at least make them automatically disappear after 5 seconds or something? ... they come up EVERY time i even think about touching and collecting resources and when u have 4 cities each with 4 resources it is excruciatingly annoying.

    i see them EVERY time i collect... so it isnt even once a day THAT i could deal with .. collecting once an hour .. ugh, dont even go there.... it does my head in.

  • thank you ... it's 2 weeks since your reply and i am slowly going nuts ... the sooner you can do something the less likely i am to quit over such a trivial matter ... it's the small things that drive one crazy

  • Lol Tomomi, it is very irritating isn't it?. I raised the initial post. I have got a little more used to the hints now but am still hopeful that the Tentlan Team will 'introduce measures which will help'. :)

  • Well we have have been waiting an waiting have you got any idea when you will get round to turning off the hints as I am now on my 3rd city an thay are still popping up thay get in the way more than help at this stage :cursing:

  • yep Foxy, i was pleased to see your initial post... as i knew it wasn't just me going crazy with all the damn hint pop ups.

    White rabbit ... imagine what it's like with 5 cities,m as i have ... i have totally stopped collecting res every hour now cuz the effin hints Pi*s me off too much, and seeing as there have been a couple of major upgrades since the continued posting of complaints, i am shocked such a simple edit of the code (to behave in the same way as the troop arrival pop ups) hasn't been implemented.

    not many of us use this forum .... but the level of complaining actually in game is rife, within tribe chat... it's annoying EVERYONE!!

    so c'mon devs... sort it out!! i would like to collect resources hourly... but the game drives me mad!!! eventually i will quit at this rate ... as have many of my ~(now ex) tribesmen.

  • It seems the emphasis is on "eventually". One aspect of the hints that drives me crazy is that they often aren't even relevant. For instance, say I have a resource developed as far as I want it. Now all I want to do is collect and produce there. But because if I did want to upgrade it, I would need more population, every time I click on it I get a hint to upgrade the sun temple.

    If and when the settings are changed to disable hints, it would be nice if they could be disabled individually rather than en masse. Something like "do not show this again".