• It would be good to get some official feedback on this post.

    I am noticing that we are lucky to see an ADMIN post every 24 hours. At this stage ADMINS need to be seen to be more active as the GUIDES such as they are are not comprehensive and it does seem that we as players are stumbling along in the dark.

    That said I appreciate Furry's guides. it does give us a starting point.

  • This game has possibilities especially given that the game is in its infancy but it WILL depend on the DEVs listening to the player bse and gven the fact that the DEV response has been on the slow side one has to wonder a fair bit as to how long players will stay

  • Have you tried pming M0H0 or Gaviotta? I haven't as yet nor emailed support but with each passing hour my patiencve is wearing thin s I am beginning to suspect that the ADMINS are maybe just two people and that this is a small group of people trying to promote this game. I came across it on FB and only joined as it seemed a bit different than the others like Trevian and the like

  • There back :D never been so glad to be wrong

    So I just read but that said it is a tease for now. We need more concrete informaiton.
    If they want I am happy to help in anyway I can and am willing to put my development aside to help and I am sutre there might be others willing to do the same

  • When M0H0 and/or Gaviotta post their update including all the patch notes for the Combat System overhaul, and the like - I will be updating my Guides accordingly and possibly creating new ones. I plan to make them more comprehensive as questions are asked and answered by the player base. That gives me a larger sample size to work with rather than figuring everything out on my own.

    "Intelligence without ambition, is like a bird without wings" ~Salvador Dali

  • Thaks Furry and there you are!!! I was wondering what had happeend to the very helpful Furry!!

    If one may ask are you playing on the BETA server?

    I am not playing on it, due to time constraints within my daily life.
    I mainly am on the forums, where I can be most helpful, and offer advice - and update my guides based on samples.

    Also, In-Game I am also "Furry". In the Tribe [Tenoc]

    "Intelligence without ambition, is like a bird without wings" ~Salvador Dali

  • Well in a new game like this it IS good to have someone who is willing to help everyone and also try to be civil about things.

    As I mentioned to M0H0 in global game chat in the absence of Gaviotta, M0H0 anf also yourself the chat has been less than civil and I left it well alone. No one person or gropup was to blame at all but it is far better not to be accusative unless one has proof and conversations using loaded woeds should be done in private and with the DEVS and not in chat or on the boards as that can only serve to upset folk be they the victims of accusations or the accusers if their accusaions are not seeming to be 'heard'. I think this should be a board and in-game chat rule - that is no accusations to be aired in a public forum.