• Hey guys, I gotta' say - I'm curious as to the diversity of the player base we have right now. I'm wondering what nationality you all are? (You don't have to answer).

    Myself, I'm from America - but I'm German/Polish. I can speak German quite a bit and a very little bit of Polish, I can speak a very little bit of Russian. Some day I hope to move to Europe with Wife & Daughter - maybe Germany. I hear it's a very good country, and it's doing very well for itself right now. But, we'll see in the future.

    "Intelligence without ambition, is like a bird without wings" ~Salvador Dali

  • A Bar is a Bar :P We love our traditional music and its easy to find a Pub or bar that has some playing. If you want night life and night clubs n such. we have plenty of them. Im originally from Dublin. I liked city life. Easy to commute , everything is just a walk away. But i love the county life. When my Wife got pregnant i traded the city life for a more slow Country living life. Its safer for my two girls and we are loving the fresh air. Amenities are not as accessible and everything is far away but its worth it for a safer life for my kids :) My favorite Pint is Deffinatly Guinness and my fav short is Jagermeister also. Altho i dont remember much of the nights i mix both :P

  • That's awesome to hear. Lol

    I love the Dropkick Murphy's song "Rocky Road to Dublin", and I love Irish Punk in general as well as Flogging Molly. I wouldn't mind visiting Ireland, I love the accents as well, lmao

    "Intelligence without ambition, is like a bird without wings" ~Salvador Dali

  • I live in New Zealand. Migrated to New Zealand from Sri Lanka in 1974. So I am Sri Lankan by birth. I am married to an American. She much to my surprise loves it here. I just thought that compared to the USA she would find New Zealand too s low and rural but she absolutely loves it here. She does visit USA once an year as she has an elderly mother and wants to spend time with her as long as she is alive.

  • I'm British and live in North Yorkshire in England. I'm 10 minutes walk from the sea/beach and only a drive from some wonderful Moors and Dales. Much as I love my home town, I hate the winter weather and short days, so in the next few years I'm looking to either retire somewhere warmer (probably Europe) or travel around during the winter months.

  • Im going over to Droitwitch spa in the next couple of months Zexa. Its beside Birmingham. Hope to travel a bit of the uk. :) Would love to go see australia and the out back and also travel over to see the USA. Always wanted to go to Canada and fish for salmon with bears :) lol. i have traveled a lot of Europe. spent a few years in Cyprus Partying :) (working)

  • BTW Hoggel in my younger days I used to do evening work working as a barman and also helpiong run a bottle store - alcohol buying outlet. Those were the days. I used to work my day job til 4.30pm then have a bite to eat start my bar job at 6pm and then at times work till 3am and since the bar did not want to pay me after 11pm I got paid in 'drinks' which ahd to be drunk between after 1am once I ahd helped the Bar Manager clean up. We would then sit n drink and then she would drop me of home and I would then be awake by 5am to get ready for my day job. That was a reipe for disaster lol so in the end I gave up the late late hours tho I did work till 11pm at the same bar till it closed.