The WELCOME Thread

  • There is a Welcome thread in the 'News' Section, but there is no Welcome thread from the players besides this one.

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  • I'm new to the game, but I wanted to tell you six things I like about the game so far.

    1) Great theme--I think using the ancient Mayan civilization as a theme for a city-building game is a great idea!
    2) Great artwork--The illustrations for the various production menus are beautiful, and the city layout is both balanced and colorful.
    3) Trade is easy to handle--The trade system is easy to master and I was able to use it right away to help balance my resources.
    4) Battle simulator is a great tool--Built right into the city control panel is a battle simulator you can use before you undertake a mission so you can make sure you have enough battle resources in order to conquer a given city.
    5) Guides are helpful--The three guides that help you build up your city give you step-by-step instructions so you don't ever feel lost as to what to do next.
    6) Tribes are friendly--I got an invite within 24 hours of my request, and the response message contained links to a lot of useful information that I could use right away.

    I look forward to continuing to play this game! :)

  • That's great feedback, particularly as you've joined my tribe Xinx on the Uxmal server :) (Xin)

  • Been playing this game since last Sunday night, I love the theme of the game. I have been particularly attracted to the indigenous cultures of Mexico and Central America, especially since I have an interest in archaeology and history. I own a few of the Civilization PC games by Sid Meiers, and I have always liked playing the Aztecs.

  • Hola! I'm new to the forums, just wanted to say hi and tip my hat. Love the game, and like someone mentioned before I simply adore the artwork! Hope to stick around and learn some tricks from more experienced players...So, howdy!!

  • Hello, I saw the ad on Steam and decided to try the game. I was originally looking for some game to test a problem I am having with the Steam platform ( I am having problems getting the in-game purchase feature to work). The in-game overlay is giving me too many problems, so I am away from my usual game Puzzle Pirates:Dark Seas. I saw this game and wanted to try it out for several reasons:1) my love of MesoAmerican civilizations 2) my experience with other games of this genre 3) I realized that I have missed Kingdoms of Camelot and the friendships developed there. I am moving up rather quickly and fully expect to get taken down soon. That is a part of the game, and I am ready for the action. In the meantime, I have tried to purchase Turquoise in the game and am having the same problem with the Steam Overlay not allowing the purchase, so I will have to try to continue working on that issue. I look forward to seeing you in the game.